Last update on the petition: Protect European soils, open a new way to a European Soil Directive

Dear Colleagues,
with this message I would just like to thank you for signing the petition "Protect European soils: a new way to open a European Soil Directive". The petition has been signed by more than 1,400 soil scientists, soil experts (and some other individuals dealing with landscape issues) belonging to all EU countries reacting to the very bad news concerning the definitive withdraw of the proposal for a Soil Directive by the European Commission agenda (see OJ C 163 of 28 May 2014; OJ C 153 of 21 May 2014).
This result is rather impressive because the collection of 1400 signatures was achieved only through the contribution of each of you ! There was NO big campaign to obtained these signatures.
This important result clearly testifies that the community of soil scientists (and soil experts) is very lively and aims to be heard and to have an active role in society. All signatures (those reported on the web site and those not delivered through the web) were given to Matteo Renzi – currently President of European Council.
But much more importantly, in October 22th 2014, the Italian Senate has approved almost unanimously (only 2 votes against) a “Parliamentary Motion ” supporting our initiative ! The Motion has 12 points (includes flood at Genova and Gargano, etc.), but at the first point states "commits the government to take action during the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, at the Commission to open confrontation and resume the work of consultation on the proposal for a Soil Framework Directive, so that EU can soon reach an effective approval of regulations designed to protect soils and to preserve soils’ ability to deliver environmental, socio-economic and cultural services; "
The Motion is a very important result because it represents a formal Parliament act directing the government... unlike our precious 1400 signatures ! Below you can also see the video of Senator Ruta illustrating, at the Italian Parliament, the Motion supporting our petition.

Signataries Signataries by Countries Parliamentary Motion Video: only 3 mins Video: Full
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